Finding the best window bird feeder is actually quite easy. Most products have designs that are very identical to each other. So far, nature’s hangout is producing high quality and well-designed bird feeders.

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  • Bought a number of glass like perspex for tops of bedroom furniture.
  • Crystal Blue Persuasion is playful, aloof, and observant.
  • However, if you are living by the sea, with salt air and water, you need to find plastic or other materials, rather than steel ones.
  • It has 3 strong suction cups that help to stick on windows firmly.
  • If bigger birds perch on it, make sure to check the rubber perch afterward to make sure they’re still stuck properly to the feeder.

You would, of course, want a strong suction to fix the feeder to the windows so that there are no risks of falling. The suction cups should be enough in number and lined in a straight row and create strong glass suction. Go ahead and get an up-close and personal’ experience with the birds with the right kind of bird feeder.

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Finding The Best Window Bird Feeder In 2021

You can also place fresh fruits such as orange slices, apples, grapes, and currants. Window bird feeders are safe as long as you clean them regularly. It is advisable that you replenish the seed and water supply daily.

All bird feeders need to be cleaned on a regular basis; there are no exceptions – especially if you use a suet feeder like one of these instead of dry seed. A window mounted feeder will attract birds to your window for your enjoyment. You’ll stop the problem of bird strikes and will keep your windows looking nice and stylish at the same time. Very good quality, the plastic is very thick and sturdy and the large suction cups provide a very strong attachment to the glass. This one can be not only a window mounted bird feeder, but if you prefer you can convert this one into a hanging bird feeder because it includes a steel chain.

Squirrel Proof Feeders

Once one or two become brave enough, you can bet more birds will follow. With a 2cup capacity, it is a win-win situation for the birds as well as you, as the birds get ample food while you do not have to worry about refills. Tfwadmx Bird Feeder comes with a crystal clear, weatherproof design that is made of a high-quality 3 mm clear sturdy acrylic. A patented air circulation system keeps the interiors fresh and dry.

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